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Avis Pioneer provides specialised warehousing services to our customers ranging from common storage facilities to specialised warehousing services such as PBW, IPC, cold room, temperature-controlled air conditioning rooms, FCZ, in-plant warehouse management and VMI. Details of our warehousing services are as follows:-

What We Have?

Public Bounded Warehouse (PBW) – PBW is a customs-controlled warehouse licenced under Section 65 of the Customs Act 1967, wherein the dutiable goods are stored without the necessity of paying any customs duties or taxes at the point of entering the PBW.
International Procurement Centre (IPC) – IPC is one of the investment scheme introduced by the government to promote Malaysia as a regional trading and distribution hub. Under this scheme, locally incorporated companies are given tax incentive to procure parts and components either locally or internationally and subsequently re-export these items overseas.
Cold room – Cold room facilities are currently available only in PKLC. This is one of the most advanced facilities in which the room temperature is automatically monitored by a computer system with surveillance alert function. It runs continuously and is fully backed up by a stand-by generator to provide continuous supply of electricity in the event of power supply failure.
Temperature-controlled air-conditioning rooms – Temperature-controlled air-conditioning rooms are meant to cater for temperature-sensitive or humidity-sensitive products, such as sensitive electronic parts, pharmaceutical products or tobacco-related products.
FCZ – Under the Customs Act 1967, a FCZ is deemed as an area that is not part of Malaysia and provides support for trading and value adding activities.
In-Plant Warehouse Management – This service entails the deployment of experienced and skilled warehousing workforce to manage day-to-day warehouse operations, which encompasses receiving, storing, order-picking, logistics co-ordination, shipping and house-keeping in the customer’s plant.

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