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Air freight being one of our core services over the past 18 years, Avis Pioneer has vast knowledge and experience in handling inbound and outbound shipment to and from domestically and internationally to six continents throughout the world. Avis Pioneer is part of an established network of airfreight agents worldwide. With this strong network, it enables us to work more efficiently in delivering your cargo in terms of optimizing space and transport time which then translate to a more competitive prici ng to you.

What Makes Us Different

Whether it’s perishable, electronic, machinery, pharmaceuticals, dangerous goods or many other type of commodities, you can be rest assured that we will process your cargo and take care of every detail of the transaction from the start to its final destination in the most professional, reliable and expeditious way. Well equipped with state of art on information technology and bar coding system, we are able to monitor, control the flow of data, manifest and documentation efficiently to meet the specific logistical requirements of our clientele.

Transshipment and Triangle Shipment
Collecting & Packing of Cargo
Temporary, Carnet and Duty Drawback Shipment
Project / Temperature Sensitive Cargo Handling
Custom Broking, Security Handling, Carrier Partnership
Providing Timely Pre Alerts to Shippers, Consignees and Overseas Partners

43,983 airports in the world connects with AVIS PIONEER

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    Medical Product
    Computer Product
    Books, Textiles, Machinery
    Dangerous Cargo
    Battery, Alchohol
    Personal Effects



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