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Functioning as the core business venture of the Avis Pioneer Avis Pioneer handles a broad range of cargoes and routes. With an annual container movement of 50,000 TEUS, rest assured that our dedicated haulage and trucking equipment guarantee that the delivery process runs seamlessly from start to finish. From on-time deliveries to effectively utilizing the vehicle’s container capacity, Avis Pioneer manages the tasks through the use of leading tracking technology such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and IT Tracking systems to trace and monitor all deliveries, 24/7.

What Makes Us Different

Both a leader and pioneer in haulage and fleet management services, Avis Pioneer has seen its transportation fleet increased from 5 truck to the current fleet of 100, which include 40Ft Trailer, Low-Loader, Crane with Lorry  and Mobile Crane which are widely used in the west Malaysia

Distribute the consignment to clients’ end customer according to their requirement.
Cargo Pick up facility by own fleets of close body/ reefer trucks
Console services to Singapore and any where in Malaysia
Chain Distribution Services Agreement
GPS Tracking and Insurance
Submission of Proof of delivery documents are within 48 hours.

AVIS PIONEER operating 80 Deliveries daily

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    Our Experince

    General Cargo
    Medical Product
    Computer Product
    Books, Textiles, Machinery
    Dangerous Cargo
    Battery, Alchohol
    Personal Effects


    40Ft Trailer

    Full Container


    27Ft / 10Ton

    BOX & Cargo


    Crane Lorry




    Flat body 5/7XL



    20Ft / 40Ft


    Mobile Crane

    50, 80, 120Tonne